Accounts & Access

Pool drives, network and email accounts, and user access requests

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Change a Password

Manage passwords using Password Self-Service.

Guest/Courtesy Account Request

Request guest access accounts for individuals who are not employees or students at UCA, but who require temporary access to perform a function or service for the university.

Lab/Classroom Guest Account Request

Request guest lab/classroom accounts for non-UCA users who need access to campus computers for special events.

Network Account Issue

Report an issue with a network account.

Network ID/PIN Lookup

Retrieve your username and password (for new students and employees) or retrieve your network PIN for access to Self-Service (former students and employees).

Remove Network Account

Request an account to be removed more quickly than the standard process.

Unlock Account

Unlock your account via Password Self-Service.

Username Change Request

Request a change to your UCA username and email address.

Zoom Account Request

Request a licensed enterprise Zoom account