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Pool drives, network and email accounts, and user access requests

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Change a Password

Manage passwords using Password Self-Service.

DocuSign Account Request

Request a DocuSign account

Guest/Courtesy Account Request

Request guest access accounts for individuals who are not employees or students at UCA, but who require temporary access to perform a function or service for the university.

Lab/Classroom Guest Account Request

Request guest lab/classroom accounts for non-UCA users who need access to campus computers for special events.

Mainsaver Account Request

Request administrative access to the Mainsaver application used by the Physical Plant

Network Account Issue

Report an issue with a network account.

Network ID/PIN Lookup

Retrieve your username and password (for new students and employees) or retrieve your network PIN for access to Self-Service (former students and employees).

Perceptive Content Access Request

Request a new account for Perceptive Content

Remove Network Account

Request an account to be removed more quickly than the standard process.

ReportingXpress Access Request

Request access to ReportingXpress

Request Access to Former Employee Network Data

Request access to a former employee's network data

Request Duo Token

Use this service request if you need a Duo token for multi-factor authentication.

Unlock Account

Unlock your account via Password Self-Service.

Username Change Request

Request a change to your UCA username and email address.

VALT Access Request

Request access to VALT

Zoom Account Request

Request a licensed enterprise Zoom account