My Recently Visited Services

Need additional help or to request something you cannot find in the service catalog? Use this form to submit a ticket and we will address it.

IT can help you get a supported printer installed and ready to use.

Use this form to report an issue with the UCA campus wireless network.

This form is used for faculty and staff to request a voluntary reimage of their assigned UCA-owned PC computer(s). You must fill out a separate request form for each computer you wish to have reimaged.

Request courses to be crosslisted/merged within Blackboard, add users, and change availability dates.

Request an email account for a department, program, or unique campus function (rather than for a person).

Request a change to your UCA username and email address.

Use this service to request installation of a data line where one does not already exist or activation of an existing line.

Use this form to request a static IP address for a networked device

Report an issue or request assistance with a University-owned computer or other hardware device.

Request assistance installing an application.

Use this service to request a device, such as a gaming console, wireless printer, or Smart TV, be registered on the wireless network

Use this option to report an issue with the Degree Works application

Request guest lab/classroom accounts for non-UCA users who need access to campus computers for special events.

Request pool drive access for an employee (including for a graduate assistant or student worker).

Request support for a hardware issue in a lab or classroom environment.

Request support for a software issue in a lab or classroom environment.

Use this service to submit a request for assistance with Blackboard Learn.

Our Audio Visual team can help you plan your next technology purchase.

IT’s Audio Visual services loan equipment and provide support for various UCA functions. These services are available to all faculty, staff, and approved student organizations.

Request help with a printer-related issue.

Use this service request to have a new report created, whether it be a one-time request for data or a recurring report.

The Media Viewing room, located in Burdick Hall 205, can be reserved using EMS/Centralized Scheduling.

Install Microsoft Office 365 for free on your personal devices.