Connecting via Remote Desktop

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The following are instructions on how to connect to your UCA issued Windows desktop computer when working remote. You will first need to be connected the VPN (Global Protect). You will also need the computer name of the UCA desktop computer for step 4 of these instructions.

  1. Click the Start button
    Screenshot of Windows Start button
  2. Scroll down to and expand the Windows Accessories folder, then click on Remote Desktop Connection
    Screenshot of open Windows Start Menu with Windows Accessories group highlighted
  3. When the Remote Desktop Connection window opens, click on Show Options
    Screenshot of Remote Desktop Connection dialog box with Show Options highlighted
  4. Enter the computer name of the office computer you would like to remote into, then enter your UCA Username and then click Save As… (this will make future remote desktop connections simpler/quicker)
    Screenshot of Remote Desktop Connection dialog box
  5. Set the save location to the Desktop, give it an identifiable file name that you would recognize for the specific computer and then click Save
    Screenshot of Save As dialog box
  6. Please ensure you do NOT check the box “Allow me to save credentials” as this can create password issues in the future. Click Connect.
    Screenshot of Remote Desktop Connection dialog box
  7. If the remote computer is powered on, connected to the UCA network and all the information has been entered correctly, you will be prompted for your UCA password. Do NOT check the box for “Remember Me” as this can easily create problems later. Enter your UCA password and click OK.
    Screenshot of the Windows Security dialog box

If everything is working properly, you will see that it is logging you into the remote computer.


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