There is a problem with the LockDown Browser settings for this exam

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Two of the most common errors students experience with online tests using Respondus LockDown Browser include the following:



  1. This error occurs because the instructor has not opened the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard after a course copy.


  1. Students receive this error when the instructor changes the test options after adding the Respondus LockDown Browser requirement.



  1. Open the LockDown Browser Dashboard in Blackboard. Opening the dashboard will clear this error and students can complete the test.


  1. Open the LockDown Browser Dashboard in Blackboard, locate the test in question, and click the “Fix It” button.




  1. Open the LockDown Browser Dashboard in Blackboard after completing a course copy. The action of doing this makes the new course known to the Respondus servers and activates the settings for the copied course. It is best to do this directly after the course copy is complete.


  1. Add the LockDown Browser requirement after the Test Options have been set. Once the LockDown Browser requirement has been enabled, do not delete or change the password that LockDown Browser adds to the Test Options. In addition, do not change the exam title, availability dates, or test exceptions.


If you must make changes, temporarily turn off the Respondus LockDown Browser requirement. Make the needed changes and then re-enable the LockDown Browser requirement.


The UCA Help Desk and Instructional Technology, will not fix exam settings or reset exam attempts unless the instructor requests assistance.



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